Hunger Pains- A look Back at my weight gain Journey

Left: Me in 2020, over a year after my weight gain journey started. Right: Me in late 2018, right before starting my weight gain journey from scratch. ©LuzJennifer Martinez

It was March of 2019. I got up one morning and stepped on the scale I had just bought online in an effort to jump-start my new plan to get healthy again. But it wasn’t to lose weight – it was to gain as many pounds as I could so that I could live to see the next month ahead of me. I wanted to gain back everything I had lost when life decided to pull the rug out from beneath me.

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Come Sail away…to then return

©LuzJennifer Martinez

It might sound crazy because traveling is all the rage as of late, but I’ve never been an avid, enthusiastic traveler.

I’ve always seen travel as nothing more than an inconvenience due to the unanticipated stress it can cause when the main goal of it is to get away from stress and everything else in your everyday life that you need a break from.

But alas, guess who found herself extending her work trip in Fort Lauderdale, Florida last month to visit Miami on her own for two days?

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Photo by Luis Villasmil on Unsplash

If there is anything I’ve realized lately, it is that there is ALOT of information out there.

For one, I tend to follow motivational speakers, nutritionists, life coaches, or positive influencers (Eckart Tolle, Mel Robbins, and Yung Pueblo to name a few) on my socials and they are constantly bombarding my feed with information.

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Photo by Benjamin Brunner on Unsplash

My car brakes have been pretty squeaky, so I know I’ll need a mechanic soon. It’s a real pain finding a mechanic that you can trust to repair what actually needs to be repaired for a reasonable price.

When my car failed inspection in November, I had no choice but to take it to a new mechanic who was able to fix what needed fixing and then conduct the inspection for me.

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Celebrating My Favorite 90s Jams – 30 years later

Photo by Florian Schmetz on Unsplash

Almost 30 years ago, on my eighth birthday, I got a Sony walkman with my very first cassette tape. The walkman had room for one cassette and a small dial to switch from tape to FM radio.

While I loved my tape, listening to the radio soon became my favorite pastime. I listened to that walkman so much, that my batteries constantly died and I would beg my mom for new ones.

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