Hunger Pains- A look Back at my weight gain Journey

Left: Me in 2020, over a year after my weight gain journey started. Right: Me in late 2018, right before starting my weight gain journey from scratch. ©LuzJennifer Martinez

It was March of 2019. I got up one morning and stepped on the scale I had just bought online in an effort to jump-start my new plan to get healthy again. But it wasn’t to lose weight – it was to gain as many pounds as I could so that I could live to see the next month ahead of me. I wanted to gain back everything I had lost when life decided to pull the rug out from beneath me.

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2020 Reflections : Writing Milestones and Magic Cures

Photo by Patrick Verstappen

Despite the global health crisis we’ve been enduring this year, I must say that 2020 was a pretty good year for me writing-wise.

Not only did I relaunch this blog and manage to post at least once per month, I’ve revised some stories and even submitted a piece to a lit magazine for potential publication.

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