Photo by Alan Cleaver
Photo by Alan Cleaver

Throughout my life, I’ve prided myself in staying quiet. I barely, if ever, spoke my mind and liked to remain neutral, without ever giving any indication of what I felt or thought about anything.

When you spend most of your life in silence, it gets way too loud inside. Before you know it, you are overcome with the need to speak, the words tumbling out of you, sometimes in the form of oversharing or just outright rambling.

This blog is my space to do just that, with no shame. This is my outlet, after spending years swallowing my words and feeling unheard.

It’s been a long journey for me to not fear speaking the truth, particularly my truth, and it’s an ongoing process. My goal is to celebrate my voice and showcase who I am and what I stand for.

I’d like to share my perspective on writing, creativity, and life, in the hopes of connecting and engaging with you, dear reader. Check out my posts and tell me what you think!