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If there is anything I’ve realized lately, it is that there is ALOT of information out there.

For one, I tend to follow motivational speakers, nutritionists, life coaches, or positive influencers (Eckart Tolle, Mel Robbins, and Yung Pueblo to name a few) on my socials and they are constantly bombarding my feed with information.

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Where Did the year go? – My Last two Months of 2021

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“You never fail until you stop trying”

Albert Einstein

Yes, I’ve been away too long and I fell back on my goal to write a post a month (I was so close!). Alas, I’m hoping to cram in what I’ve been up to during the last two months of 2021. But first, it’s a little terrifying to realize that just like that, another year is about to end and a new one is on the horizon.

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