Spring Geek out

Photo from Cafeteriagroup.com on Pinterest

Pardon me for the cliche topic, but I think I’m finally starting to understand why people talk about the weather so much. When you live in a place like New England, where you get four seasons a year, the change in seasons never gets old. You can’t help but get all Charlie Brown and obsess over how the old season changed you and what you hope you’ll get out of the new season.

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My Nose knows best

Photo by TOMMY VAN KESSEL on Unsplash

I don’t know where it came from, but all of a sudden, I began contemplating getting a nose ring. It was right after Thanksgiving, and I got that same feeling you get when you look in the mirror and decide that it’s time to do something different with your hair. I was overcome with the need to innovate and have something to show for all the internal changes I have been going through during the last few years.

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Where Did the year go? – My Last two Months of 2021

Photo by Nicholas Hoizey on Unsplash

“You never fail until you stop trying”

Albert Einstein

Yes, I’ve been away too long and I fell back on my goal to write a post a month (I was so close!). Alas, I’m hoping to cram in what I’ve been up to during the last two months of 2021. But first, it’s a little terrifying to realize that just like that, another year is about to end and a new one is on the horizon.

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From The Ground Up

Photo by Kevin Bosc on Unsplash

I started working full-time at the office again in mid-May and during my commute, I noticed some construction not far from my worksite.

It was at a gas station adjacent to a traffic light, close to the neighborhood I had grown up in as a kid. The gas station had been there for as long as I could remember.

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Summertime Nowadays – Outdoor cafes

Photo by LuzJennifer ©2021

This summer is winding down as quick as it started and one of my favorite things about it was my slight obsession with outdoor cafes.

These little gems are in 2021 what public libraries were to me in 1995 (well…almost) and I made it my mission to go to as many as I could amid a busy work schedule, surprise rain storms, and the current pandemic situation.

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