Summertime Nowadays – Outdoor cafes

Photo by LuzJennifer ©2021

This summer is winding down as quick as it started and one of my favorite things about it was my slight obsession with outdoor cafes.

These little gems are in 2021 what public libraries were to me in 1995 (well…almost) and I made it my mission to go to as many as I could amid a busy work schedule, surprise rain storms, and the current pandemic situation.

There is nothing like sipping a foamy (or iced) drink at a small, demure outdoor cafe table while reading a book or outlining a new short story. Most of all, it’s a great place to people watch from or to just be still and soak in the natural ambiance.

While I do miss sitting inside my local coffee shop until the smell of roasted coffee beans soaks into every fiber of my clothes, I took it upon myself to find the next best thing and outdoor cafes are definitely it for me.

I hope to visit a few more before the chilly Fall months officially set in. So far I’ve been to four places and if I can at least hit up a fifth, my mission will be accomplished.

Or who knows? Maybe I’ll keep going with my cafe visits well into early Winter, sitting out there clad in my jacket and eventual coat, until my finger tips freeze over. In that case, I can always just order something extra hot and frothy to warm me up.

The older I’ve gotten, the more I’ve come to appreciate being outside in nature and letting the sun absorb into my skin. Add a notebook, pen, book, and a hot tea or latte and it is pure bliss.

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