Stand up to injustice…everyday

I can’t believe what I just saw this week—a man on the ground crushed to death by the weight of a police office who purposely pinned him down to the point of asphyxiation over a counterfeit bill. It sickens me.

But I just have to get this off of my chest. While many are holding up a protest sign in defense of this poor man who lost his life in the most disgusting way possible, can we say that we have never pinned down another human being with our own indifference, ego, and cruelty?
This world has a long way to go-we still have people who are taking their lives because the ones who matter to them won’t give them the time of day or mislead them into thinking they are finally being acknowledged, little kids are bullying each other and their parents left and right, customers are fighting one another for toilet paper, and spouses are beating each other to a pulp, both physically and mentally.
I can go on and on with so many examples of all the injustices that are still ever present.
So while I’m all for standing up for a cause and blatant injustice, I think it’s important to be able to look in the mirror and acknowledge if we are each doing our part to make the world better with our own day-to-day interactions.
It’s about hearing each other out when we feel wronged and making it a priority to refrain from hurting others in any way, shape, or form. It’s about taking responsibility for your own actions and how you can improve upon your mistakes. The person next to you is probably fighting battles that you know nothing about.
What good is it to protest atrocities seen in public if you are hurting others in private? Life is all about time, it is so precious and we should take the opportunity to right the wrongs and be at peace with one another. Never put off strengthening your bonds until tomorrow because tomorrow is not promised. It’s all about what we do today. All we have is here and now and maybe that is what we need to do to prevent such tragedies like this one from happening.
RIP George Floyd. I’m sorry that we still aren’t where we should be when it comes to hatrid and bigotry.

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