Getting My Write On (slowly but surely…)

Photo by Kyle Post

We all know how the lovely game of procrastination goes – you take on everything under the sun to avoid doing those creative projects that are sitting in a proverbial (or literal) pile somewhere, collecting dust. But eventually the lolly-gagging must end and you know its time to be reconnected to your true creative passion.

Four years after launching this blog in 2016, I think I’ve worn out the avoidance routine and feel ready to again navigate the sometimes impossible, sometimes tolerable waters of my creativity. But as it goes for any labor of love, my mind is overflowing with doubts and insecurities.

What if what I write now isn’t good enough? What if I have to revise it to no end, and be forced to start over (not ideal, especially if you’ve whipped out fifty pages of prose that you had to painstakingly huff and puff out of you)?

And shouldn’t I concentrate on building a large following or network to share my work with first? When I’m at that point, I can now stop, take a deep breath (meditation has become a MONUMENTAL little tool I’ve picked up that has helped changed my perspective dramatically) and mutter, “It’s okay; if it happens, it happens” take another breath, and keep going.

Slowly but surely, I’ve started making strides towards getting my write on anyway, first off by setting goals to write for this blog on a regular basis.

I’ve also pulled out a few oldie but goody stories and ideas to reread, rework, and workshop with a few area writers. I’m still ways away from actually writing new material, but we’ve gotta start somewhere and its great to be on the fast track to creativity again!

Fingers crossed and stick around as I talk more about my journey!

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