All It Took

Photo by Jens Bergander

A few weeks ago, I went to get lunch at a food court near my job. I wanted Rice and Sticky Chicken from one of the vendors but was afraid to get it because last time I went they were pretty rude to me.

But my craving was too strong, so I headed to the counter anyway. Earlier that morning, I was talking to a co-worker about smiling and how it makes other people more comfortable and happy around you.

I guess I must have had that conversation on my mind because as soon as I reached the counter, I smiled.

The server was the same one that had held out her hand for money while I gave her my order last time. This time, her eyes met mine, and she nodded her head calmly and almost adoringly as I told her what I wanted.

“Sure, okay. Yes. Oh, you’re a good girl, so nice,” she said.

I couldn’t believe it, so I smiled wider.

She leaned towards me. “Not everyone is so nice, they just want, very demanding. But you’re happy, and treat me nice,” she said.

“So are you, and that’s why I’m nice to you. But some people don’t see that,” I replied.

“Oh thank you!” she said and then tapped the cashier on the shoulder.

“She’s a good girl. Nice,” she said, after giving my order to the cashier. It made the cashier smile too.


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