Take 2…Action!

Image from 123freevectors.com

A few weeks ago, I shared my first draft of a poem that I was scared to bring to light. But I didn’t fight, I bravely let it shine and was surprised by the reactions.

Since then, I decided to keep working on it and now I have a second draft to share, for your reading pleasure. Check it out below!

Knives Out the Window © 2008 (Draft 2)

Day may come/To throw knives/Out the window/On the pavement/Crash Crack Splat/Do they break?/Or just disappear/Yes they disappear/Without a trace/You’ve cut open/The good chance/You’ll get caught/And yelled at/On second thought/If any consolation/They will look/The neighbors around/Downstairs from you/Or next door/They have knives/In the closet/Just like you/They hid them/ But knives age/Rusty sharp edges/Obstruct the blade/The knife’s heart/Penetrates degrades precipitates/A foolish mistake/Wounding too deep/Just let them/Glimmer and glisten/Plick of light/Like the movies/Expose those knives/They shouldn’t be/Exposed to you/Fling them down/Despite the people/Watching You High/It’s your choice/To reclaim them/I can guarantee/You won’t find/Those pesky knives/Not right away/They’ll show up/When least expected/Clear sharp plicking/Pure light radiates/On the pavement/Sparkling bright light/Don’t reclaim them/Like spring flowers/Watch them bloom/Into plain sight/One day soon/I promise this/Not just chaos/Or frustrated bliss/You’ll flick them/Like flying frisbees/With your wrist/Out into light/What a sight/When you fight/From a height/To your plight






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