Celebrating the Sound of Silence

Photo from Meme Generator
Photo from Meme Generator

I’ve been on a role with my writing lately (this past week, I sat down to write 3 days in a row, a record for me)! And I think I figured out the trick that gets me going.

A couple of weeks ago, I forgot my headphones at home on two separate (but close) occasions. I always carry a pair with me to hear music when I’m out. For an avid music lover like myself, this was pure torture.

I was left with no choice but to listen to the sounds of the commute all around me, including those awkward, lonely gaps of silence. Since then, the waves of creativity have been hitting me like never before; I actually feel like writing and thinking about writing.  And it feels pretty damn good!

I hate to admit it but without music constantly filling your ears, you can hear yourself think much better sometimes. Growing up, I would play music while writing, reading, studying, thinking, you name it.

All this time, I was under the illusion that drowning my thoughts in music was actually helping me think better. In reality, if you want to hear your creative thoughts, ideas, or inclinations clearly, nothing beats silence.

That doesn’t mean I have to quit hearing music all together (oh trust me, that’ll never happen). But I’d like to make more of an effort to take voluntary music-free commutes more often.

Now I can see why  people recommend writing when you first get up in the morning, before you even talk to anyone or expose yourself to any media. It allows you to tap into your creative “first thoughts”, greeting them with a clear mind and a fresh start.






3 thoughts on “Celebrating the Sound of Silence

  1. Music can be inspiring, but it’s amazing to sit music-free for a while and enjoy the ‘sounds’ of my thoughts and my surroundings. I can’t write (I only write for my blog) with music in my ears because I end up concentrating on the lyrics or the tune instead of my task. Unfortunately, that is leading me away from music, but now I am trying hard to find the time to listen to music as a means of relaxation.

    You have a nice and inspiring blog, keep it up! 🙂


    1. Thank you Tiziana! I actually got the idea for this post during the “silent” commutes that I wrote about 🙂

      Maybe it’ll help to listen to instrumentals without lyrics (like jazz and classical) while you write? I think there are some studies which show that people who listen to classical music while studying are able to concentrate better on studying. If it works for studying, I’m sure it’ll work for writing 😉

      Thanks again for the support!


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