I Rest My Case

“Keith Jarrett had been handed a mess. He’d embraced that mess…and it soared. ” Tim Harford


I love TED Talks. The ideas and concepts discussed really get you thinking about the larger scheme of things or even the smaller scheme of things. Get ready, because I’ll probably be posting lots of TED Talk links on here.

It was very exciting to come across Tim Harford’s talk about messy problems and how they inspire creativity.

When I found it by pure and utter chance last week, it felt like the universe was giving this blog it’s blessing.

Thank you Universe, for reaffirming that this blog has some purpose, that it makes sense, and that I’m not the only one giving this unconventional perspective a whirl.

And thank you Tim Harford, for the lovely anecdote about Jazz musician Keith Jarrett that brings it all together during your talk below. Preach brother, preach!

Video from ted.com

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